Who said that healthy things can't be tasty? We refute stereotypes: the Ribambelle bakery has found the ideal formula for bread that can be safely included in the daily diet of both yours and your child:

Gluten free bread. Sunflower and flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, gluten-free wheat starch and rice sourdough are the main elements of this new product, which has already pleased many. You will like it too!

Multigrain bread. What is his secret? In addition to millet corn flakes, flax seeds and sunflower seeds, it also contains rye malt and malt products. That is why it is so lush, fragrant and soft.

And now the main question: how to try? It’s very simple: find them in the “Baking” («Выпечка») section in the delivery menu and place your order. Bon appetit!