On April 26, the presentation of our new cocktail menu from NATURE BEAUTY took place at RIBAMBELLE Apothecary Garden. The spring set is inspired by nature itself - its simplicity, freshness, naturalness and beauty.
Blackberry cocktail
Cocktail “Peach Amber”

The new cocktail menu includes 6 bright items that reveal a palette of flavors. A delicate rum-based sunset is the freshness of the setting sun with the sourness of pineapple, decorated with blue opal caramel. Peach Amber is an amber cocktail with a slight tartness of ginger based on peach vermouth. Northern Pina Colada is a recognized classic with a more pronounced pineapple and citrus flavor. Blackberry, based on grape vodka, has a rich taste of blackberry and black currant. Nordic 2.0 is an old legend with new notes of cranberry and cherry. Raspberry sard has the ruby ​​color of raspberries, and the taste of vermouth complements the bright taste of the berries.
Шеф-бармен Виктор Зайцев
Host of the evening Elena Zhmurova

All cocktails were developed by RIBAMBELLE head bartender Viktor Zaitsev. Guests of the evening were the first to learn about the new concept of the cocktail set and the secrets of its development, as well as taste the cocktails and choose their favorite. Continuing to reveal the natural concept of the set, guests at the creative master class were able to create their own florarium. The atmosphere was complemented by bright accents in the restaurant’s interior, which were created by the Ame flower boutique.
Diana Gianelli
Екатерина Кобба
The evening ended with pleasant gifts: everyone received a box with a Ribambelle Easter dessert, skincare products from the Press Gurwitz brand, and a certificate for services to the Tori aesthetic medicine clinic.

The presentation was attended by: Diana Gianelli, Maria Remer, Ekaterina Kobba, Anastasia Shkarpetko, Nina Biryukova, Natalya Korneva, Madina Ibragimova and others.